Wednesday, February 28, 2007

First new post since April of last year...

I created this blog at a time when I intended to actually use it, but then as school was finishing and then followed by the complicated life issues the ending of school presented among other things, I just never ended up posting. I'd like to start actually taking advantage of this wide world of digital publishing, starting with this post.

As an update of things going on with me, I'm presently working at Sony Computer Entertainment America, at their Santa Monica studio. I'm a Jr. Technical Artist there, with my primary tasks consisting of character setup and support for the animation team. We just finished working on God of War 2 and are now in pre-production & testing for an unannounced title for the PS3.

Since starting work I saved up money to get an awesome digital camera, the Canon 5d, to start getting back in to photography on the side. I setup a flickr account to start posting some of my pictures, of which the images below and linked sets, are a part of. I'm also open to feedback and or critique on any of the work posted to the site. Well, I'm off to go get my mind off of relationship troubles, until next time...

Santa Monica

Taken in Santa Monica while walking to the beach.

The Story 19

From a Nativity series by the Pier during Christmas time.