Friday, March 16, 2007

Fear the mouth of the Megalodon.

I finally got around to posting on my Flickr some of the pictures I took while at SeaWorld with Diana a while back. For how very low the light was for most of these shots, I was pretty impressed with my new cameras ability to still pick up a fair amount of detail. Yay for the biodiversity of sea.

Seaworld 12-22-06

Seaworld 12-22-06

Also added some long exposure fun with street lights, and neon lights down at the Santa Monica pier.

Light Sketch

And I posted yet another set, which I did last year while at Otis using my roommate's 20D, incorporating a painted hand mold made by another student in my class. Our class had gone bowling together as an out of school trip and we each had to make tangible art objects inspired by the experience. Then we exchanged them with another student, and had to make some form of digital art based on that (which these digital photos were for). Kind of an offbeat assignment, but I had a lot of fun with it.

The Hand 1


I'm definitely loving the freedom of digital photography now that DSLR's have caught up with, and for many types of shots, surpass, their film equivalents. Unlike my first digital camera (which I returned to buy a SLR film camera) back in the early days. A time when shooting digital in low light meant unbelievably bad artifacting, and at the best settings, less resolution then most cell phones can do these days. Now using my 5D it just puts 35mm film to shame when it comes to low light hand held shots, and the resolution is on par or better then scans I made, even from high quality slide film.

There will always be a place in my heart for the dark room, but as a digital artist who was scanning most of my film work anyways, and with less free time and no more easy darkroom access, digital is the way to go. Someday I will revisit you Darkroom, take solace in your absence of light, and do some crazy stuff with chemicals, ah the chemicals...