Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Draw Party

Some friends of mine, all Otis alumni, got together for some mexican food and drawing stuff. You can check out what other perversions of pensmenship were spawned that evening at my friend Samantha's blog.

The comic above was created by each of us taking a turn to draw the panel after the previous person. I had the honor of drawing the last frame, our epic conclusion. See if you can guess which other frames are mine.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gary Rides Bikes

My new blog devoted to bicycle adventures is here. All hail the bicycle.

Venice Bicycles
(Enter the world of bicycles. Feel their awe inspiring glory fill your lungs.)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Life is like a giant donut...

My blog has gone into a state of stagnancy as of late, and there are a few reasons. One is being busy with work, and also having a more active life then I've ever had, physically (biking) and socially (yes, I interact with people). The other reason is for a while now, I've been a little conflicted about the direction of the blog, which started out as an outlet for my art & photography and some of what I was up to. Pretty soon what I was up to was lots of biking, and the blog became more about biking then anything else.

In short, sometime soon I may split apart my blog into two. One for all of my biking adventures, and one for my photography & art.

In the meantime while I figure out how I want to do this, enjoy this giant donut, courtesy of my old hood, the City of La Puente.

The Donut Hole