Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Life is like a giant donut...

My blog has gone into a state of stagnancy as of late, and there are a few reasons. One is being busy with work, and also having a more active life then I've ever had, physically (biking) and socially (yes, I interact with people). The other reason is for a while now, I've been a little conflicted about the direction of the blog, which started out as an outlet for my art & photography and some of what I was up to. Pretty soon what I was up to was lots of biking, and the blog became more about biking then anything else.

In short, sometime soon I may split apart my blog into two. One for all of my biking adventures, and one for my photography & art.

In the meantime while I figure out how I want to do this, enjoy this giant donut, courtesy of my old hood, the City of La Puente.

The Donut Hole

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  1. Aw baby, I totally hurt your feelings the other night, didn't I? I KID BECAUSE I LOOOVVVEEE. :)

    Also, we NEED one of those chocolate chip donuts. And another day trip to look for wacky things.