Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Wolfpack Race

I've been part of a lot of activities and events recently that I'd like to share, but work, photography and spending almost every other free minute bicycling has kept me pretty busy. I'll post more pictures and accompanying writing, as I get caught up on my back log of photos to process.

In the mean time here is a picture taken of me at my first Wolfpack street race (photo courtesy of Spook). It was a short distance crit, 3 laps around a city block, so all sprinting. In the pic I'm about to get fourth place, split second behind third, out of about I think 15 or 16 riders. Nothing special for getting fourth, but I was pretty stoked about it, having no idea how I would measure up to Wolfpack riders. I'm wearing the yellow jersey in homage to the Tour de France, as there was a themed ride earlier in the day to watch an IMAX documentary on the Tour. I'll post more on that and other such things later.

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