Sunday, April 01, 2007

Skating Santa Monica & Venice

I went out for the LA Friday Night Skate last night for the first time, and whew, that was some crazy fun. I was expecting a rather chill outing, which it was for a little while, just going down the beach and around Venice, but there was some intense sections of the course. Which included skating all the way up to the top of a Santa Monica parking garage (9 stories I believe), and then rushing all the way down again (I'm sure to the displeasure of the cars and staff). The evening was concluded with a race to the beach downhill from one of the higher points on Montana Ave. I think I need to invest in some safety gear if I want to hang with this crowd and not break something.

I remember as a kid, after watching the movie Hackers, I wanted to grow up to work with computers and thrash through the urban landscape on rollerblades. Now I have fulfilled my destiny.

P.S. If you haven't seen Hackers, and would be interested in seeing a younger Angelina Jolie on rollerblades with mad computer skills, then this is the film for you. Keep in mind hacking as portrayed in this film is several dimensions removed from reality. Seeing this film also made me disappointed later in life when I actually went to some night clubs and they did not have giant arcade machines with indoor rollerblade tracks and ramps.

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