Monday, July 30, 2007

My First Spoke(n) Art Ride

Monte Vista

Once a month on the second saturday, a number of galleries in East L.A. in the Highland Park area have simultaneous art openings. Spoke(n) Art is an organized bike ride touring these openings. Bikes are ideal for this due to their ability to traverse tight urban areas without the traffic and parking congestion of numerous cars, or the time it would take to walk to the galleries further away from the center.

Monte Vista

Monte Vista

It was an awesome evening, with a fun crowd, interesting art, and exploring a part of town I'd never spent time in. I also had decieded to continue pushing my self by riding out from home in Santa Monica, and eventually riding back after an amazing afterparty held after the ride. There were events like drunken kiddy bike racing, and a live band playing surfer rock with a backdrop of bicycles lit up with christmas lights.

After Party

For any one with a love of riding, exploring, art, or any combination of the three, I highly recommend checking out Spoke(n) Art and seeing what's going on out East.

MorYork Gallery

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