Monday, November 12, 2007

Halloween in West Hollywood

Flickr Set: WeHo Halloween (78 Photos)

Cinco de Mayo

Before riding our bikes out to WeHo, we got some sustenance from Cinco de Mayo, regular feeding grounds for night rides on the West Side.

WeHo Halloween

Drag queens posing in front of the religious protesters. We're they real protesters, or were they in costume as religious protesters?

WeHo Halloween

Warhol's 15 minutes of fame still ticking.

Finding Nemo The Ride Costume

Finding Nemo The Ride The Costume. Yes amazing!

WeHo Halloween

Don't know what the hell these were, but um interesting.. someone pointed out they were in colors from the Fanta girls.

WeHo Halloween

From Russia with love. Cosmonaut guy was one of my favorites.

WeHo Halloween

No Face from Spirited Away, was surprised I didn't see more Miyazaki characters out there.

WeHo Halloween

Superman escorts his lady friends.

WeHo Halloween

Bat Boy in the flesh.

WeHo Halloween

Freddy grabs himself a handful of little Asian girls. Creepy.

WeHo Halloween Flickr Set (78 Photos)

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  1. Benny Profane13/9/09 1:12 AM

    That was me in the cosmonaut costume. The tube attached to the helmet allowed me to drink vodka from my backpack.