Thursday, November 08, 2007


Yes, Midnight Ridazz has formed a team for AIDS Life Cycle, with 9 officially registered and more expecting to join soon. Somehow I became nominated to be captain of this crew on this crazy voyage of epic cycling and fundraising. It will be 545 miles of cycling euphoria, and of course there will be some pain and suffering too, but come next summer, we'll be ready for it. WooOOoo00oo!!!

We had our first ride together at the official ALC kick off ride at the end of October, which featured an awesome 5 mile hill climb up La Tuna Canyon on the advanced course. Everyone seemed to be doing really well and I think we're all off to a good start. As we slowly progress closer to the ride date (next June), we'll ramp up training to longer and more challenging routes.

If you're feeling charitable, and would like to support a good cause, and our team's effort, we are graciously accepting donations through our official Team Midnight Ridazz Webpage. We each need to raise $2500 by next June, and every little bit can make a difference. We're also interested in seeking sponsorship from businesses and are intending to produce team jerseys and sell space for logos.

Currently we are exchanging ideas for fundraising special events, and as we work out the details I'll keep you all posted.

For more information about ALC, what the ride is like, and how their fund raising money is used check out their site. AIDS Life Cycle

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