Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Anatomical Photos

I took some anatomical photo's back when I was in school with my roommate's 20D, also recently dug up in my excavation of my photo archives. I put them into a set, and any future pictures I take of anatomical references, I'll add them to it.

Flickr Set: Anatomy Study

Planar Head

Planar Head

I always loved the planar head, and I was lucky enough to get my life drawing instructor to let me take it home temporarily to shoot some photos of it. I was inspired to do this in part because I had looked for images of a planar head online with almost no luck, and I didn't see any company that sold them. I guess they had gone out of style at some point, and the ones Otis had were commissioned, and made from a custom sculpt by a professional sculpture artist. I took photo's all the way around, and at some point I'm going to make a quicktime 360 turn table of it.

Another instructor who taught several 3D classes, had a hand painted replica of a fetal skeleton, which he brought into class and gave an open invitation that people could take photos of it. An offer I couldn't refuse. My apologizes if this freaks out anyone.


Fetal Skeleton

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  1. gary! i love this ribcage foto with that shadow in the back!!