Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Images of Mexico

I finished processing the rest of my pics from the Rosarito Ensenada Bicycle Fun Ride trip. I had left my camera with the truck, and the group I was with needed to get back to Los Angeles with some relative haste. So most of these photos are taken from inside the truck while in motion. To prevent motion blur a lot of shots were take at 1/5000 to 1/8000th of a second, and the bright Mexican sun allowed for okay exposures and decent depth of field despite the fast shutter.

Flickr Set: Rosarito to Ensenada Trip (135 Images)


Here is lustful close up of my bike's carbon weave glistening in the sun light as we loaded the truck.


The epic Ensenada flag towering over the landscape. This photo does not do justice to it's massiveness.


Happy Meal "Viagra"

Yes, that is indeed a Happy Pharmacy where you can get Happy Meal "Viagra". Just down the street from the strip club in the previous photo.

On The Road Home

Tons of little homes like this were scattered across Baja, heavily marketed to American's looking to retire close to the ocean on the cheap.

On The Road Home

Most of the roads we traveled on were toll roads, and being the one in the vehicle with cash in the wallet, I was doing a lot of forking over monies.

On The Road Home

Another common site on the trip were large unfinished beach front condo structures. Some of these have barely seen progress since the last time I saw them six months ago on the Spring season ride.


A rather large Jesus on the way between Rosarito & Tijuana.


All the real estate advertising I saw was completely in English with no Spanish translation, and photographed with happy white people.



The walls in Tijuana were full of interesting sights and textures.

Little Jesus & Guitar Man

Snack Cart

During the final stretch as we approached the border, speed trickled to slower than a baby's crawl. It is during this time that the street merchants capitolize on a captive audiance. Most of these things are useless knick knacks and knock offs, your last chance to take a piece of Mexico home with you.

Big crucified Jesus figures seem to always make an appearance, and the popular item of the day was big tortoise lawn ornaments. Last time Scarface blankets were the hot recurring item. We did buy a big of churros for a dollar that was enough for 3 people, and they tasted better then any churros I've had stateside.

Border Crossing

At last our time of inspection had come.

American Parking Lot

American parking lot. The end.

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