Monday, October 08, 2007


This weekend was some bicycle riding of epic proportions. It's too much to adequately convey in a distilled synopsis, but I will say that seeing all of Los Angeles, and the Valley, from the top of the Hollywood Sign, was quite a sight to behold. That was one part of what was almost 19 hours of straight off and on riding, and being awake for more then 24 hours

While on the topic of epic journeys, I signed up last weekend for the 7 day, 545 mile, AIDS Lifecycle ride, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It will take place in June 08, but I will need to start training and fundraising now. Each participant needs to raise $2500 that will go toward the fight against AIDS, both in helping those already affected, and prevention. If you would like to support my endeavor, you can make donations through my AIDS Lifecycle Homepage. Really any amount would be greatly appreciated. The cumulative effect of many small contributions can really add up and make a difference.


  1. Gary, epic ride indeed. I can't believe how long you rode.

    have you seen the pictures danny took? there are several of you.


    meg_maureen at

  2. Let's do it again!

    hey can you email Kerry at ALC and request a home page for TEAM Midnight Ridazz for Aids Life Cycle, I'd like to start hitting companies up for money.

  3. Yeah I saw those pics, it was good times. Glad to see so many people make it to the top, that was quite the little hill there.

    Danny, yeah I sent Kerry an e-mail to form team Midnight Ridazz this morning. I'll let you know as soon as I get a responce.